East Kootenay Wildlife Association

Fish and Wildlife Association
Conservation Neighbourhood Columbia ValleyElk ValleyGoldenSouth CountryUpper Kootenay River Valley
Focuses Ecosystem Restoration/EnhancementLand ConservationPolicy/RegulationWildlife/Fish Conservation
Regional District CSRDRDEK

Our Mission:

To ensure long term management of East Kootenay fish, wildlife and outdoor resources. To arouse a respect and recognition of all residents for fish, wildlife and outdoor resources. To obtain and maintain public access to forest and recreational areas. To co-operate with other clubs with the same objectives in order to prevent land, water, and air pollution. To encourage firearms shooting in our community with a view towards improved marksmanship and safe firearms handling. To promote appreciation of sportsmanship in the light of fish and wildlife regulations and promote the concept of fair chase.

Our Vision:

The East Kootenay Wildlife Association (EKWA) supports East Kootenay Fish, Wildlife and Outdoor Resources. The EKWA was formed so that locals would have a say in decisions made about land use, hunting and fishing regulations, access management, and habitat enhancement opportunities as well as stewardship opportunities and offering a safe place for locals to practice shooting. They are a Club under the Association of East Kootenay Rod and Gun Clubs which includes:
• Canal Flats Wilderness Club
• Elkford Rod and Gun Club
• Golden and District Rod and Gun Club
• Lake Windermere Rod and Gun Club
• Sparwood Rod and Gun Club
• Associate Clubs-E.K. Big Game trophy Competition Club /Kootenay Wildlife Heritage Fund