Stewardship Coordination

Stewardship is an ethic that embodies the careful and responsible use and protection of the natural environment through conservation and sustainable practices.

KCP’s role in stewardship is to encourage greater collaboration between partners; provide new opportunities for learning; and increase capacity and strategic support for local and regional partner-led conservation initiatives.

In the Kootenays, many organizations are involved in stewardship which can focus on grassland restoration, invasive species control, species at risk management, and wetland construction to name a few. Components of private land stewardship include:

  • conservation planning to ensure the “biggest bang for the buck”,
  • reaching out to landowners to provide them with information and motivation to be stewards of their property, and
  • applying conservation tools to local government planning.

These activities protect vulnerable native species, provide ecosystem services, and promote healthy and vibrant natural habitats as well as local human communities that are connected to their natural surroundings.

For KCP and its partners, stewardship activities are also guided by the principles of conservation biology to protect and restore biodiversity and ecosystem services in order to increase ecosystem health by enhancing, maintaining or restoring populations of vulnerable species, sensitive habitat, essential ecosystem functions, and connected landscapes. KCP’s partners have a common interest and desire to minimize or remedy human impacts on natural systems. Some KCP partners lead projects that identify and protect species at risk and sensitive areas, while others contribute to species and ecosystem recovery by managing or removing threats to species and habitat through planning, sustainable management practices, and on the ground restoration and enhancement projects.