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Winter Webinar Series

KCP supports developing the technical capacity of partners to become leaders and innovators in implementing biodiversity conservation.

To this end, KCP offers a webinar series each year to facilitate the sharing of technical resources among partners and others so that local conservation activities consider the best available information and practices. The webinar series this year was hosted by the Kootenay Conservation Program and Columbia Basin Trust with support from the Fish & Wildlife Compensation Program.

Explore our library of recorded webinars below, by year or by theme, or visit the Winter Webinar Series playlist on our YouTube Channel.

2022 — “Building Restoration & Enhancement Projects that Make a Difference

2021 — “From Alpine to Valley Bottom: Conserving Essential Habitats in the Kootenays”

2020 — “Biodiversity in the Kootenays”

2019 —  “Conservation in the Context of Climate Change – Restoration in Action”

2018 — “Grassland to Wetlands: Connecting Diversity”

2017 — “Tools in the Toolbox for Private Land Conservation”

2016 — “Large Landscape Conservation”

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