Our Committees

KCP’s Committees guide our partnership and are composed of partner organizations interested in and/or involved in land securement and private land stewardship.

Securement Committee

The KCP Securement Committee plays a vital role in identifying, evaluating and coordinating conservation land purchases and other securement activities within the KCP Service Area. The goal of the KCP Securement Committee is to assess and secure high value conservation properties in the KCP region through acquisition, covenants and other securement tools. The KCP Securement Committee is a closed-door confidential team comprised of partners who purchase and hold title and/or manage conservation lands and who operate at a KCP Service Area-wide scale.

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Stewardship Committees

KCP facilitates two Stewardship Committees — one in the East Kootenay and one in the West Kootenay — in order to support partners in identifying ways to collaborate on stewardship activities involving conservation and restoration of species and habitats. Stewardship Committee meetings are designed to be engaging, educational and inspiring, and provide stewardship partners with opportunities to provide strategic input into KCP’s Stewardship Program. Occasionally, KCP will offer field tours to showcase partners’ projects as well as hands-on professional training opportunities to enhance stewardship capacity within the partnership.

Stewardship Framework 2018-2021

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