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Full Service Listing For Land Owners and Managers in the Kootenay Region

Just click on your neighbourhood to find solutions near you…

☑ Do you need help with wildlife conflict or invasive plants?

☑ Would you like to enhance wildlife habitat, wetlands and riparian areas on your property?

☑ Would you like to be involved in monitoring programs?

☑ Do you want to make your property FireSmart or develop
an Environmental Farm Plan?

☑ Are you interested in funding opportunities to help you?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions then this toolkit is for you!

This online toolkit features Kootenay-based resources for stewardship solutions that address issues on private land. This toolkit is designed for stewardship practitioners, local government planners and other service providers as well as a one-stop shop for private landowners interested in stewardship options for their property.

These local organizations may offer information, tools, incentives, services, learning opportunities, and/or funding for stewardship activities. They focus on such topics as wildlife, species at risk, invasive plants, water quantity and quality, forest and grassland ecology, fire interface management, and habitat restoration to name a few.

If you are aware of a Kootenay-based resource that is not featured, please let us know by emailing

For excellent provincial stewardship resources, please visit the Stewardship Centre for BC.

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