Kootenay Conservation Program

The Kootenays are stunningly beautiful and ecologically rich.  However, the ecological balance is also quite fragile. Hydropower, residential and road development, resource extraction and the spread of invasive species have all applied pressure to these natural systems.  The Kootenay Conservation Program (KCP) is responding by helping our partners to protect clean water, preserve important wildlife habitat, and steward the land to allow for healthy, functioning ecosystems.  KCP’s collaborative approach builds the capacity of our partners and can help us find win-win solutions to ecosystem conservation on private lands.  In this way we can maintain and, in some cases, restore the rich biological and social heritage of the Kootenays.  The KCP is our ‘Way of Life’ insurance.

Since 2002 the KCP has helped to support partners in conserving over 250,000 hectares of land and have invested over $150 million into conservation projects across the Kootenays. World-class conservation efforts include Darkwoods, The Flathead Agreement, Tembec Lands, Pine Butte Ranch, Wycliffe Wildlife Corridor, Lot 48, Hoodoo-Hofert, The Frog Bear Project and The Big Ranch.

We invite you learn more about the work we do and join us in ensuring that landscapes across the Kootenays will be as vibrant tomorrow as they are today.

Find out how you can get involved:  https://kootenayconservation.ca/contact-us

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