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How do I volunteer for the Columbia Valley Swallow Project?

There has been a documented decline in the population and distribution of a number of swallow species in British Columbia. With your help, we have an opportunity to help reverse the decline of swallow populations. Currently, there is an overall lack of information on the status of swallows in the Columbia Valley. Locations of their important habitats (e.g., nesting and roosting sites) are largely unknown.

If you know the location of any Bank or Barn Swallows nesting or roosting sites in the Columbia Valley (Canal Flats to Donald) or Kinbasket Reservoir area, or if you are interested in monitoring a known nest site, please contact Program Biologist Rachel Darvill at racheldarvill@gmail.com.

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Learn to identify bank and barn swallows using this online resource.

This short video provides an excellent overview of the Columbia Valley Swallow Project.

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