Donate land to a land trust


How do I donate my land to conservation?

Some landowners in the region have ecologically significant properties that include these types of habitats and are situated in important wildlife corridors. If you are a landowner with ecologically significant land, you may be interested in conserving its biodiversity and wildlife habitat values for future generations. Land trusts are organizations that acquire properties for conservation. Our role at the Kootenay Conservation Program is to coordinate private land securement amongst these land trusts and key partners and funders so we collectively prioritize the most strategic, important properties for acquisition. If you are a landowner interested in selling or donating your property for conservation, and it has significant ecological values, please feel free to contact the Kootenay Conservation Program.

Kootenay Conservation Program

On behalf of participating land trusts.

Additional Resources

This video explains the Kootenay Conservation Program’s role in private land securement for landowners interested in donating land to conservation.