The first presenter is Adrian Leslie from the Nature Conservancy of Canada speaking on “Whitebark Pine Restoration: How it’s Done and How You Can Help”. Whitebark Pine is an endangered tree species found throughout the highest elevation forests in the Columbia Basin.

The Nature Conservancy of Canada is working with partners on a multi-year restoration program around Kootenay Lake and throughout the Basin, and needs your help. Find out how you can help save the species while you are out in the mountains by taking a few photos with your smartphone. You will also learn how to identify whitebark pine, about whitebark pine ecology, and what is being done to restore the species and the ecosystems that depend upon on it.

Adrian Leslie, MSc, RPBio is the South Selkirk Program Manager for the Nature Conservancy of Canada and has been working in the Columbia Basin on ecosystem conservation, restoration and research for over 10 years. He is a Registered Professional Biologist with experience working in both terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems from low elevation floodplains to high elevation forests throughout the Columbia Basin. He has a Master’s degree in Environment and Management and has lead several research and restoration projects, and has extensive experience helping organizations complete environmental projects. Adrian has worked with a variety of environmental stakeholders in the Columbia Basin including non-profit, governmental, educational, industrial, and private organizations.

2019: WEBINAR 1

Whitebark Pine Restoration: How it’s Done and How You Can Help
Thursday, January 17, 2019
10am-11am PST/11am-noon MST