Strategic Priorities

The foundation of the KCP partnership is a common approach to land conservation through coordinated securement, stewardship and capacity building.

KCP serves as an important regional network for conservation organizations. We will endeavour, where possible, to use the social capital of the partnership to achieve the vision of the KCP.


Increase the effectiveness, collaboration and coordination of private land securement.


Increase the effectiveness and coordination of stewardship activities taking place on private lands.


Build and provide technical, financial and internal capacity for KCP and partner organizations to undertake securement and stewardship activities. 


Strengthen the network of conservation organizations through communications to achieve efficiencies, synergies and ultimately greater effectiveness.

Click here for the 4-page KCP Strategic Priorities 2017-2022 Visual Summary.

Click here for the 9-page KCP Strategic Priorities 2017-2022 Full-Length Document.