What Our Partners Say

“The KCP has been very effective in bringing diverse partners together around the vision of having landscapes that sustain naturally functioning ecosystems.”

  •Gregory Utzig, Conservation Ecologist, Kutenai Nature Investigations Ltd.


“The KCP has helped make sure everyone works together. KCP is a win-win for everyone. It keeps us all talking and coordinated.”

  •Hillary Page, Stewardship Coordinator, Canadian Rocky Mountains Program Nature Conservancy Canada


“The greatest value of KCP is its ability to pull people from a variety of sectors together and proactively address conservation challenges in the Kootenays”.

   •Marc-Andre Beaucher, Operations Manager, Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area


“The Kootenay Conservation Program brings the strength and assets of a network of partners to the Canadian Columbia Basin. It is only through efforts such as these, working together across sectors and toward coordinated goals, that we can realize long-term healthy environments and healthy communities”

   •Ryan van der Marel, Chair, Kootenay Lake Partnership


“Since its formation the KCP partnership has been successful at securing land, and the Local Conservation Fund that it has established has helped us develop a program that shows promise for landowners in the region and beyond.”

  •Dave Zehnder, Windermere District Farmers’ Institute


“The KCP was very helpful in providing technical advice and tips for getting funding when we first started and helped make our water stewardship programs a success.”

  •Kirsten Harma, Program Coordinator, Lake Windermere Ambassadors Society