Species at Risk on Private Land

Wednesday, March 8, 10 to 11 am Pacific; 11 am to Noon Mountain

Lynn Campbell, Species at Risk Biologist, Ministry of Environment

Overview: Many species and ecosystems at risk (SEAR) are found on private land. This webinar will examine how to better protect species and ecosystems at risk on private land including an overview of the Discussion Paper “Working Together to Protect Species at Risk: Strategies Recommended by Local Government to Improve Conservation on Municipal, Regional and Private Lands in British Columbia”. Also, the webinar will provide information on how actions on species and ecosystems at risk can be taken by local governments, regional and local conservation programs, land trusts and environmental stewardship organizations. Find out more about practical and effective approaches (including incentives) to enhance protection of SEAR on private and local government lands.

Bio: Lynn Campbell is the Species at Risk Biologist with the Ministry of Environment. She coordinates the Species and Ecosystems at Risk (SEAR) Local Government Working Group. Based in Victoria, she has been involved in developing the discussion paper on Species at Risk in BC, promote public input in this topic, and identify on-the-ground actions to achieve better stewardship on private and local government land.


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