Thirthy-eight participants attended the South Selkirks-Lower Columbia Conservation Action Forum held in Trail on November 7, 2022.  © KCP


KCP co-hosted the South Selkirks-Lower Columbia Conservation Action Forum in partnership with the Okanagan Nation Alliance and Trail Wildlife Association.


November 7, 2022 in Trail


Below are PDFs of the South Selkirks-Lower Columbia Conservation Action Forum Science Presentations (see page 16 of the Summary Report for the complete list as well):

  1. To Save Invertebrates, Protect Native Plants – Valerie Huff, Program Manager – Pollination Pathway, Kootenay Native Plant Society
  2. Lower Columbia Invasive Plant Management Collaboration – Erin Bates, Executive Director, Central Kootenay Invasive Species Society
  3. Habitats of the Lower Columbia-Pend d’Oreille – Clare North, Superintendent, Environmental Remediation, Teck Metals, Ltd.
  4. Changing Fire Regimes and Lessons Learned in South Selkirks – Adrian Leslie, West Kootenay Project Manager, Nature Conservancy of Canada
  5. Questions to Ask Before Burning – Colleen Ross, Wildland Fire Ecologist (no audio)
  6.  Rapid Assessment Rapid Remediation of Mine Tailings – Gerry Nellestijn and Chris Harkness, Salmo Watershed Streamkeepers Society
  7. Racers in the Lower Columbia – Jakob Dulisse, Principal Biologist, Jakob Dulisse Consulting
  8. Nelway American Bullfrog Management Program – Carley Dolman, tmixʷ Technician, Okanagan Nation Alliance
  9. Bats & Their Habitats – Cori Lausen, Director of Bat Conservation, Wildlife Conservation Society Canada
  10. Supporting Population Recovery of the Kettle-Granby ki?lawna? (Grizzly Bear) – Yvonne Patterson, Wildlife Biologist, Okanagan Nation Alliance
  11. Connectivity Corridors for Wildlife – Michael Proctor, Grizzly Bear Biologist, Birchdale Ecological
  12. Climate Change and Transboundary Corridors – Greg Utzig, Conservation Ecologist, Kutenai Nature Investigations