Awarded to Wildsight Invermere to remove invasive weeds, replace them with native plants, and educate the public on the impact of native weeds on local landscapes in conjunction with Radium Hot Springs.

PROPONENT: Wildsight Invermere

DESCRIPTION: The Sinclair Creek Native Plant Restoration Project event took place in Radium at the Sinclair Creek Trail on September 10, 2011. There was one full day of on-the-ground restoration activities. It was very successful and 400 plants were planted after removing 15 bags of Common Tansy. After weed removal, the disturbed area was re-vegetated with native plants to help reduce the amount of invasive plants coming back.

OBJECTIVE: The main goal accomplished with this project was to work with partner groups to remove the large amount of rapidly spreading invasive plants (specifically Common Tansy) from this sensitive riparian area and replace the invaders with native plants.  The main objectives accomplished were weed removal, replanting along the riparian trail with native plants, and increasing education through additional signage and through this hands-on activity.

Assessment of the infestations prior to removal of invasive plants was done; recording GPS coordinates, invasive plant species present, the area size and the density.

PHOTO: Nicole Trigg/KCP