Join Gregoire Lamoureux for the third webinar in the KCP Winter Webinar Series. The Slocan River Streamkeepers have implemented over 40 riparian restoration projects in the Slocan Valley since 2005, restoring the equivalent of 5 km of riverbank.

Some of the projects have also included fish habitat enhancement. More recently, the Streamkeepers have also implemented some wetland restoration and enhancement projects. In this webinar, Gregoire Lamoureux, restoration ecologist with Slocan River Streamkeepers, will talk about some of the projects that have been implemented over the years, the importance of good relationship with landowners, the challenges & benefits of the projects and more.

Gregoire Lamoureux grew up on a farm in southern Quebec and after a few years of travelling across Canada, he moved to the Slocan Valley in 1989 where he now operates a small native plant nursery. In 1991, he created the Kootenay Permaculture Institute to follow his passion for permaculture, regenerative agriculture and ecological restoration. He has been teaching permaculture and consulting across Canada for over 25 years. Gregoire has also been working in riparian restoration for over 20 years and more recently in wetland restoration. He’s a Co-Founder of the Slocan River Streamkeepers Society which started in 2003 with the goals of improving public knowledge on aquatic ecosystems, to improve stewardship of aquatic and riparian ecosystems, and to identify and restore ecologically sound and effective restoration projects.

2019: WEBINAR 3

Riparian and Wetland Restoration in the Slocan Valley
Thursday, February 21 2019

This webinar is presented in collaboration with the Columbia Basin Watershed Network