Awarded to the Columbia Wetlands Stewardship Partners to restore riparian habitat that is critical for spawning Kokanee and the rare Lewis’s woodpecker, as well as other aquatic and riparian dependant species.

PROPONENT: Columbia Wetlands Stewardship Partners

DESCRIPTION: In the summer of 2010, the Columbia Wetlands Stewardship Partners (CWSP) used school kids and teenagers to plant 1,200 cottonwood seedlings (and other deciduous species) along the reach of the Columbia River that flows through the Riverside Golf Course, working with the staff at the golf course and the Fairmont Hot Springs Resort. Support was received from the Columbia Valley Local Conservation Fund and the Royal Bank Blue Water Fund.

OBJECTIVE: The objective was to restore a deciduous component to the riparian zone along the river to maintain Lewis’s Woodpecker (a listed species), other riparian birds and animals and to help maintain the quality of kokanee spawning habitat in this reach.