Join Angela Wells, Stewardship Program Manager for  Montana DNRC, for a webinar entitled, ‘Tools you Can Use for Reaching Landowners (Without Breaking the Bank).” This will take place at 10am Pacific / 11am Mountain Time on Tuesday, January 10.

When it comes to recruiting landowners to participate in conservation programs, agencies and non-profit groups excel at harvesting the low hanging fruit, i.e. REACHING the model landowners that would be practicing good stewardship with or without us. But what about those prime prospects, landowners who are conservation-minded but don’t aren’t actively participating in any conservation practices?

In this webinar, you will learn low-cost, low-tech tools for using targeted marketing to both reach and engage previously unengaged landowners in conservation programs. Specifically, you will hear about and practice techniques of getting to know your audience, defining your “product”, and developing audience profiles to help you craft your message and determine your communication channels. By the end of this webinar you will be able to evaluate your current marketing strategies to improve them and develop new approaches to reaching landowners.