Awarded to the Nature Conservancy of Canada towards enhancing and protecting wetland values through livestock exclusion fencing.

PROPONENT: Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC)

DESCRIPTION: The “Marion Creek Benchlands Wetland Enhancement” project was designed to reduce threats to wetland plant communities and wetland-dependent wildlife from livestock grazing. In order to exclude cattle from open water on the eastern end of Marion Creek Benchlands and the two neighbouring properties to the east, 1.1 kilometres of fence was installed. NCC  also took steps to examine options to provide a stable source of water to livestock in order to prevent degradation of other wetland areas in the watershed.

OBJECTIVE: The activities completed for this project directly addressed the threat of overgrazing and indirectly supported Upper Columbia resiliency to climate change through the enhancement of upland wetlands. CVLCF support of this project was essential to the success.

PHOTO: Richard Klafki/NCC

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