Luxor Linkage Mountain and Luxor Linkage Wetland (Nature Conservancy of Canada): This property, located in the Upper Columbia Valley, connects Kootenay National Park to the ecologically significant Columbia River Wildlife Management Area and secures important valley-bottom habitat. Since there are no protected or public lands that connect the Columbia Valley wetlands to the Canadian Rockies between Radium and Golden, private land conservation ensures long-term connectivity between these two important wildlife areas. This project supports habitat for virtually all carnivores and ungulates that occur in the East Kootenay, including badger, grizzly bear, black bear, bighorn sheep, mountain goats, elk, white-tailed deer, mule deer, and moose as well as numerous waterbird species. This 255-hectare (630-acre) Luxor Linkage “Mountain” parcel acquired by NCC in 2016, combined with the 134-hectare (330-acre) Luxor Linkage “Wetland” parcel acquired by NCC in 2017, make up the Luxor Linkage Conservation Area.