Conservation Neighbourhood Columbia Valley
Focuses AgricultureLand ManagementLandscape ConnectivityResearch
Regional District RDEK
Group Types Non-Profit Organization

Our Mission:

To promote home economics, public health, child welfare, education and better schools. Includes the Ecological Services Initiative to research and demonstrate a voluntary incentive-based model that encourages farmers to adopt Beneficial Management Practices (BMPs) for the maintenance and enhancement of ecological services under their management control.

Our Vision:

The Windermere District Farmers’ Institute and Livestock Association (WDFI) represents the interest of the agricultural community from Canal Flats to Golden. The Windermere District Farmers Institute (WDFI) has been an important part of this region for the last 100 years. Agricultural lands play a crucial role in a functioning ecosystem. In 2010 the WDFI was instrumental in initiating the Columbia Valley Agricultural Plan which morphed into the East Kootenay Agricultural Plan. It is expected that this plan will have a significant impact on the conservation of the region because of the connection between agriculture and the regional ecosystem.