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Focuses Land ConservationLandscape ConnectivityResearchWildlife/Fish Conservation
Group Types Project (Not Organization)

Our Mission:

To carry out scientific research related to the conservation problems and solutions of the small fragmented grizzly bear population units in southeast B.C. Also to develop and implement conservation management plans derived from our science-based approach.

Our Vision:

To recover and reconnect small fragmented grizzly bear populations in southeastern BC

We carry out scientific research about both the conservation issues and their solutions related to fragmented grizzly bear populations in southeast BC. We publish our results in the peer-reviewed scientific literature and work to develop and implement specific conservation management plans in an effort to solve those problems. Our research integrates genetic sampling and GPS telemetry. We study many facets of grizzly bear ecology and conservation including population estimation and trend, population fragmentation, linkage area identification and connectivity management, food resource mapping and management, human-caused mortality and its patterns and influences, habitat use and selection, habitat quality and security, human-bear conflict reduction and non-lethal bear management, and more. We are involved in several community-based conservation efforts including cost-share electric fencing programs, farmer and rancher working groups to minimize human-bear conflicts, a regional land conservation purchase program to enhance wildlife connectivity, and more.