Conservation Neighbourhood Elk Valley
Focuses Ecosystem Restoration/EnhancementLand ConservationWildlife/Fish ConservationYouth Programs and Activities
Regional District RDEK
Group Types Fish and Wildlife Association

Our Mission:

• To ensure the sound, long-term management of fish, wildlife, park and outdoor recreational resources in the best interest of all residents of the province.
• To make all residents aware of the value of our fish, wildlife and outdoor recreational resources, and to arouse in the public conscience a recognition of and a respect for the place of fish, wildlife and outdoor recreation in the wise and integrated use of natural resources.
• To obtain and maintain reasonable public access to all forests and recreational areas of the province.
• To make the general public aware of the dangers of land, air and water pollution, and to cooperate with groups on similar objectives.
• To promote true appreciation of sportsmanship and sports safety in the light of fish and wildlife regulations and all the fair and accepted rules of hunting and fishing, and to foster good will between sportsmen, outdoor recreationists and land owners.

Our Vision:

Working with local businesses, organizations and government agencies we strive to protect and maintain the wildlife, fisheries and environment in our backyard.

Formed in 1918 as the Michel-Natal Rod and Gun Club, we have evolved over the last century into what we are today. The name changed back in 1966 to the current one, but the values have remained the same. Some of the more recent initiatives we have been involved in include The Big Ranch habitat enhancement, Grave Prairie habitat enhancement, and the current elk collaring and migration study. We are always looking to attract new members and have an active youth archery program and are currently working to get a youth shooting program up and running as well.