Conservation Neighbourhood South Selkirks-Salmo
Focuses Ecosystem Restoration/EnhancementEnvironmental/Research/ Monitoring/EducationGreen EconomicsRestoration/EnhancementWildlife/Fish Conservation
Regional District RDCK
Group Types Non-Profit Organization

Our Mission:

To protect and steward the Salmo River watershed to ensure it is clean and healthy, and to increase our connection with the ecology and rich cultural heritage of the Salmo River watershed within the Columbia River Basin.

Our Vision:

To see a Columbia Basin Culture that admires and respects Natural Systems, understands Stewardship Ethics, Values and Principles and employs Adaptive Ecosystem-based Management approaches to benefit long term human and Natural Health.

In response to interest shown in the Salmo River during a Forestry Transition Strategy meeting held in Salmo, BC in 1997, the Salmo Watershed Streamkeepers Society was formed. The purpose of the Salmo Watershed Streamkeepers Society’s is to: • Protect and restore streams, streambeds and riparian zones that foster stream dependent biodiversity. We will do so in an environmentally, socially and economically sustainable way, giving residents and visitors alike access to a healthy watershed. • Form collaborative partnerships with private landowners, public agencies, private forestry operations, as well as First Nations, industry and other interested and active groups. • Recruit, train and coordinate an informed, courteous, safety oriented volunteer group to carry out stewardship principles in our watershed. • Promote healthy watershed principles to the public, school groups and others. • Faithfully collect, record and monitor data concerning water quality, flows, invertebrates, fish and other water bound life. • Share our knowledge equally with all.