Conservation Neighbourhood Columbia ValleyGoldenSouth CountryUpper Kootenay River Valley
Focuses Citizen ScienceEcosystem Restoration/EnhancementEducation/OutreachLand Management
Regional District RDEK
Group Types Partnership

Our Mission:

To restore and conserve grasslands and open forest ecosystems in the Rocky Mountain Trench of southeastern British Columbia.

Our Vision:

A restored Trench landscape functioning at its ecological potential thereby supporting: the native and historical matrix of trees, plants and animals; a sustainable forage resource for wild and domestic grazing ungulates; and the social, economic and cultural needs of stakeholders as they relate to the open range and open forests of the Trench.

The Trench Society coalition was formed as a vehicle for public stewardship of the low-elevation dry forests and grasslands of the Rocky Mountain Trench. Their area of interest is the portion of the Canadian Southern Rocky Mountain Trench, from Radium Hot Springs to the US border, which is classified as a fire-maintained ecosystem.