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Focuses Education/OutreachInvasive Species ManagementLand ManagementPlanningPolicy/Regulation
Regional District RDEK
Group Types Regional Government

Our Mission:

Through effective service, our organization exists to maintain and enhance the economic, physical, technological, social and environmental quality of life in the East Kootenay region.

Our Vision:

The Regional District of East Kootenay (RDEK) is one of 28 regional districts formed by the Province of British Columbia to provide local government services to unincorporated areas. The RDEK functions as a partnership of the municipalities and electoral areas (unincorporated areas) within its boundaries. These local governments work together through the RDEK to provide and coordinate services in both urban and rural areas. Services include:
• Building & Protective Services – building inspections, rural fire protection, emergency services, bylaw compliance and enforcement.
• Engineering Services – water and waste water utilities, water resources – dike, dam and bank protection (Lake Baptiste Dam, Cold Spring Creek bank protection, Fairmont Creek Bank Protection, West Fernie Dike System, Water control structures at Tie Lake, Rosen Lake, and Lazy Lake), and Geographic Information Systems.
• Environmental Services – invasive plant education, coordination, landowner support and compliance and enforcement activities. Solid waste management and recycling, recreation facilities, parks and trails, mosquito control, Elk Valley Regional Airport.
• Planning & Development Services – land use planning, development applications (ALR applications, bylaw amendments), floodplain management, developing and maintaining regional profile, parks planning.
• Administers CBT’s Community Initiatives and Affected Areas grant program and Columbia Valley Local Conservation Fund.