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Focuses AgricultureEducation/OutreachLand ManagementPlanningPolicy/Regulation
Group Types Provincial Government

Our Mission:

Cultivate a competitive and socially responsible Agri-foods sector.

Our Vision:

An innovative, adaptive and globally competitive Agri-foods sector valued by all British Columbians.

The Ministry of Agriculture supports an innovative, adaptive, globally competitive and socially and environmentally responsible agrifoods sector valued by all British Columbians. The Ministry’s support of healthy and safe agrifood and seafood production and post-production processing provides new and value-added products for domestic and international markets, contributing to B.C. jobs and the economy as well as to diversified rural communities. The Ministry champions the agrifoods sector by:
• Supporting practices that promote adaptable, sustainable and competitive agrifoods production;
• Ensuring, in partnership with the Ministry of Health and the Federal Government, a regulatory system that promotes animal and plant health and food safety;
• Delivering programs to stabilize farm incomes when threatened by circumstances beyond farmers’ control to ensure continued long-term production;
• Providing guidance and funding to the sector to increase market development;
• Supporting the agricultural industry’s contribution to the green economy;
• Working with other ministries, federal partners and other governments, stakeholders and industry to ensure sustainable marine fisheries; and
• Working to balance urban / agricultural interests.