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Focuses AgricultureEcosystem Restoration/EnhancementLand ConservationLand Management
Group Types Non-Profit Organization

Our Mission:

Our mission is to maintain a healthy livestock industry that provides quality meat products to consumers and is guided by strong volunteer membership, environmental stewardship, respect for stakeholders and excellent business practices.

Our Vision:

Promote, encourage, develop and protect the livestock industry in BC.
Represent the producers of livestock in all matters in which they are generally interested. Work with associations, societies and organizations having objectives similar to those of the BCCA. Work with Federal and Provincial governments to ensure the enactment of necessary legislation; the enforcement thereof and the improvement of transportation and market conditions in connection with the industry. Be proactive on livestock issues relating to the public and the government. Enhance strategic alliances within the meat industry and maintain a credible, broad-based livestock organization.

The Kootenay Livestock Association is a local association of the B.C. Cattlemen’s Association. The purpose of the B.C. Cattlemen’s Association is to promote, encourage, protect and develop the livestock industry in British Columbia, in an environmentally responsible manner. Although times have changed since 1929, the BCCA’s direction remains the same: To maintain and strengthen the sustainability of the BC meat industry.