Slocan Valley
Conservation Neighbourhood Non-Profit Organization
Focuses Education/OutreachLand ConservationWildlife/Fish Conservation
Regional District RDCK

Our Mission:

To protect and steward our natural heritage.

Our Vision:

Sustainable environment management.

The Kootenay Land Trust (KLT) is a small group engaged primarily in protecting property using covenants as a conservation tool. We consult with private property owners to assist in developing covenants for their particular property and their wishes. KLT also holds covenants on two properties in Winlaw in the West Kootenays. One is 160 acres with a blanket conservation covenant that prohibits subdivision but does allow a non-profit housing coop to build a limited number of small residences on the property. The covenants are aimed at preserving the forest and it inhabitants in perpetuity. Another, smaller property covenants provide similar protection while allowing a ‘growth’ centre to use the property in a limited way.