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Focuses Education/OutreachInventoryLand ConservationLand ManagementMapping
Group Types Non-Profit Organization

Our Mission:

The Grasslands Conservation Council of British Columbia’s (GCC) mission is to:
• foster greater understanding and appreciation for the ecological, social, economic and cultural importance of the grasslands throughout BC
• promote stewardship and sustainable management practices that will ensure the long-term health of BC’s grasslands
• promote the conservation of representative grassland ecosystems, species at risk and their habitats

Our Vision:

Working collaboratively to build a better understanding of the value of the province’s grasslands and to provide methods and tools to better care for them. We pursue a vision of healthy and life-sustaining grasslands in BC for current and future generations.

The GCC is dedicated to the stewardship and conservation of the rare and beautiful grasslands of our province. Their mandate is to:
• increase awareness and appreciation for BC’s rare and beautiful grassland ecosystems;
• work with land managers to achieve sustainable management practices
• protect the grasslands against threats from a number of sources
• implement proactive projects that will ensure the conservation and stewardship of BC’s grasslands