Conservation Neighbourhood Creston-PurcellsKootenay LakeKootenay Lake West Arm
Focuses Citizen ScienceEcosystem Restoration/EnhancementEducation/OutreachWaterYouth Programs and Activities
Regional District RDCK
Group Types Non-Profit Organization

Our Mission:

To improve the health and stewardship of Kootenay Lake through monitoring, habitat restoration, capacity building, and the empowerment of local communities, First Nations, and stakeholders.

Our Vision:

Kootenay Lake is a productive ecosystem supporting abundant fish and wildlife with land and water uses that support clean water and long-term sustainable communities. Residents, First Nations, and other stakeholders have a strong sense of place and engage actively in lake stewardship and governance.

Formed in 2012, Friends of Kootenay Lake Stewardship Society (FOKLSS) is an inclusive stewardship organization dedicated to sustaining a healthy Kootenay Lake for future generations.

The lake’s authentic nature instills a sense of “place” for its residents. Salient values include sustaining ecosystem integrity, clean water, natural fish and wildlife habitat, and promoting human well-being through sustainable livelihoods and preserving the lake’s culture and spiritual essence.