Conservation Neighbourhood Columbia Valley
Focuses Ecosystem Restoration/EnhancementEducation/OutreachLand ManagementWaterWildlife/Fish Conservation
Regional District RDEK
Group Types Partnership

Our Mission:

Farmland Advantage is a research and development project that works with farmers to protect and conserve critical, natural values in British Columbia, Canada.

Our Vision:

To work with farmers to conserve and enhance critical, natural values in BC.

Farmland Advantage is a research and development project that works with farmers to enhance the natural values on their land. These natural values are often referred to as ‘ecosystem services’;┬áservices of a natural environment that benefits humans. They are values that are not traded in the markets but have great value to us all. They can include areas like wetlands that filter and purify water, and forests that clean the air and provide habitat for healthy wildlife populations.

The project helps farmers identify the natural values which can be protected and enhanced, and develops recommendations and plans to preserve them. These plans can include actions such as water or stream setbacks, strategic fencing, reforestation, or rangeland enhancement. Farmers then carry out the recommendations, and Farmland Advantage helps to provide compensation based on successful implementation.

Farmland Advantage is a five-year research and development project, working towards establishing a long-term program. Farmland Advantage consists of a full complement of partners and agencies working together to develop a solid, replicable program model capable of being administered independently and sustainably. In this phase of the project we are focused on 3 targeted BC regions – the Lower Mainland, Okanagan, and Kootenays. Over 60 farmers have been contracted to conserve or enhance riparian areas and the results are being monitored and analyzed.