Conservation Neighbourhood Columbia Valley
Focuses Coordination and CommunicationEcosystem Restoration/EnhancementEducation/OutreachResearchWetland ConservationWildlife/Fish Conservation
Regional District CSRDRDEK
Group Types Partnership

Our Mission:

The Columbia River Wetlands Stewardship Partners (CWSP) is made up of a diverse group of community interests, First Nations, local governments, and government agencies created to develop effective stewardship and management practices for the Columbia Wetlands and the Upper Columbia River. The partnership, acting on their vision statement, will engage the general public and work with government at all levels to implement a shared stewardship model for the management of the river and wetlands.

Our Vision:

The Upper Columbia River and the adjacent Columbia Wetlands will continue to function as a healthy flood-plain ecosystem with a complex biological community governed by natural fluvial and ecological processes. Human Communities will continue to benefit socially, environmentally and economically from this naturally functioning ecosystem and in turn the wetlands will contribute to the health and vitality of the communities in the upper Columbia River Basin. Residents in these communities will become engaged and motivated to adopt a stewardship ethic and will work collectively to demonstrate the benefits of a shared stewardship model for this important resource.

The mandate of the CWSP is to steward the wetlands in accordance with our vision as a single system irrespective of ownership or jurisdiction and to take a pro-active stance in dealing with issues as they arise. We intend to take a positive, community and science based approach to issues related to the wetlands, and resolve issues neighbor to neighbor. The formation of this group is, in effect, local people taking responsibility for a natural landscape that they care deeply about.