Conservation Neighbourhood South Country
Focuses Citizen ScienceEcosystem Restoration/EnhancementEducation/OutreachLeadership Development
Regional District RDEK
Group Types Non-Profit Organization

Our Mission:

Clear Sky is a centre dedicated to transformative change for all beings, through an integrated, diverse path of exploration and discovery, encompassing all facets of life.

Our Vision:

Clear Sky. A vehicle for integrating and manifesting spiritual realization.

Clear Sky Retreat Centre is a ‘Quadruple bottom line’ social enterprise: we give equal consideration to financial, environmental, social and spiritual imperatives. Our goal is to inspire and engage our community to cultivate sustainable livelihoods and lifestyles that facilitate health, abundance and diversity through holistic living, working and learning opportunities together in community. Founded in 2004, Clear Sky runs retreats and programs, which are designed to enhance and deepen well-being and quality of life. Projects are underway to restore the endangered native grasslands ecosystem and develop ways for this erstwhile cattle ranch to coexist in balance with the areas abundant wildlife, which are under increasing pressure from human development. From 2010-12, Clear Sky created a 1500 sq. ft. reclamation plot and developed and offered two workshops on grasslands reclamation/restoration and thanks to a grant from the Agroforestry Industry Development Initiative, in 2013 Clear Sky planted and cultivated a one-acre food forest.