Columbia Valley
Conservation Neighbourhood Partnership
Focuses Ecosystem Restoration/EnhancementPlanningPolicy/RegulationWildlife/Fish Conservation

Our Mission:

To provide scientific and technical expertise in support of healthy aquatic ecosystems of the Ktunaxa and Secwepemc Nations.

Our Vision:

The Canadian Columbia River Intertribal Fisheries Commission coordinates and provides technical support to the efforts of the Ktunaxa and Secwepemc Nations to protect and restore fisheries, aquatic ecosystems and aboriginal fishing rights in the Canadian portion of the Columbia River watershed. In particular, we support the long-term work of member nations to restore anadromous salmon to the upper Columbia. Some focus areas include:
• Salmon Restoration in the Columbia River Basin: to restore anadromous (ocean-going) salmon which were lost from the basin in the early 1940s with the construction of the Grand Coulee Dam, and which are an integral part of the culture, spirituality, and economy of the First Nations in Canada
• Elk Valley Water Quality Plan: a strategic plan to address concerns of selenium, cadmium, nitrate, and sulphate in response to mining development and operations
• Strategic and operational initiatives for hydroelectric development including research projects for the Kinbasket Reservoir
• Life History and Habitat Use Assessment for Burbot, Rainbow Trout, and Juvenile Bull Trout
• Fishery Guardian Officers: compliance and enforcement in protecting fish and fish habitats in the Kootenay region including within the shared territory areas
• Columbia Salmon Festival: an event to inform people about the history and future of salmon in the upper Columbia, and their cultural significance