Awarded to Kootenay Lake Partnership to direct shoreline development in a manner that will protect and restore the ecological, archaeological and cultural values of the foreshore of Kootenay Lake.

PROPONENT: Kootenay Lake Partnership (KLP)

DESCRIPTION: The Kootenay Lake Partnership is a multi-agency initiative created as a result of an increase in development pressure, overlapping and multi-jurisdictional responsibilities, and concerns for cumulative impacts on Kootenay Lake. This has led to conflicting policy, poor communication, lack of regulatory compliance and weak public education and guidance. The Partnership collaborated on a comprehensive Sensitive Habitat Inventory Mapping project that involved an inventory and assessment of ecological, archaeological and Ktunaxa cultural values along the shoreline of Kootenay Lake. The resulting Shoreline Guidance Document directs shoreline development activities such as docks, retaining walls, mooring buoys, or dredging activities in an effort to protect high value shoreline habitats. In summer 2017, the Kootenay Lake Partnership hosted a series of workshops for government staff and industry professionals in Nelson, as well as public open houses in Boswell, Rural Nelson, and Kaslo.

OBJECTIVE: In total, over 300 people attended to learn about the Kootenay Lake Shoreline Guidance Document. The workshops and open houses were an opportunity to discuss development approval processes with government staff and statutory decision makers, industry including real estate agents, land surveyors, consultants and heavy equipment operators; as well as shoreline issues with shoreline property owners who may feel the most impacted by foreshore development. The project achieved the following results, including: increased awareness of the Kootenay Lake Shoreline Guidance Document; increased understanding of how to use the Kootenay Lake Shoreline Guidance Document; and, increased application of the Kootenay Lake Shoreline Guidance Document for land-use management and water allocation decision-making.

PHOTOS: Heather Leschied