Kootenay Connect: Bonanza Biodiversity Corridor2022-06-15T21:50:36-06:00

Kootenay Connect: Bonanza Biodiversity Corridor

The Bonanza Biodiversity Corridor includes the 15-km-long valley along Bonanza Creek between Slocan and Summit lakes. It encompasses an area of 12,865 hectares that link Slocan and Summit lakes within the upper Slocan Lake watershed.

The Bonanza Biodiversity Corridor (BBC) is a small yet ecologically essential wildlife corridor connecting the Valhalla Range with the Central Selkirk Mountains, thereby linking Valhalla and Goat Range Provincial Parks.

Groups engaged in conserving and managing biodiversity and habitat connectivity in the Bonanza Biodiversity Corridor include: Slocan Lake Stewardship Society, Slocan Wetlands Assessment & Monitoring Project (SWAMP), Summit Lake Western Toad Project, Valhalla Foundation for Ecology, Valhalla Wilderness Society, and Okanagan Nation Alliance. For Kootenay Connect, the lead organization in this corridor is the Slocan Lake Stewardship Society.

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