Awarded to the Nature Trust of BC towards protecting and maintaining the ecological integrity of the Hoodoo conservation property through access control measures such as selectively installing fencing, gates and signage, restricting motor vehicles in sensitive ecosystems and helping the public appreciate the biodiversity of the Hoodoo property.

PROPONENT: The Nature Trust of BC

DESCRIPTION: In 2013, The Nature Trust of BC (TNTBC), with financial assistance provided by the Regional District of East Kootenay (RDEK), through the Columbia Valley Local Conservation Fund (CVLCF), implemented the third and final phase of a fencing, gating and “appropriate access use” information project on the Hoodoo Conservation Property.

After monitoring the effects of motorized off-road recreation activities on the property, TNTBC staff determined that sensitive grassland habitats and grassland dependent species had been adversely impacted and TNTBC was concerned that continued uncontrolled motorized use would impose unacceptable levels of risk or stress on migratory and resident wildlife and their habitats.

Consequently, from TNTBC’s perspective, access control was considered the highest management priority on the property and as a fundamental and proactive response to motorized recreational vehicle abuses that were threatening biodiversity values TNTBC initiated the first phase of this project in 2011, and the second in 2012.

OBJECTIVE: The principle objective of this access management project was essentially to inform the public about the value and sensitivity of grassland ecosystems and to control unauthorized motor vehicle related recreational activities on the Hoodoo conservation property through the installation of motorized vehicle control structures and the installation of public information signs, which provide the rationale for access control measures on the Hoodoo conservation property.


Nature Trust Website: Take A Walk in Nature – Hoodoos