Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation

For over three decades, the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation has been a key supporter of conservation in the Kootenays, investing in hundreds of fish, wildlife and habitat projects within the region. Since 2004, the Foundation has provided over $200,000 in funding for the Kootenay Conservation Program in order to maximize the accomplishments of this region’s many conservation and land stewardship groups.

HCTF CEO Brian Springinotic states: “The Foundation’s support of this successful program is reflective of the value we place on partnerships and collaboration. KCP’s work in coordinating and facilitating the efforts of the Kootenay’s dedicated conservation community has played an important role in securing the region’s rich conservation heritage for future generations.”

The funding provided by HCTF for fish and wildlife projects comes primarily from surcharges on angling, hunting, trapping and guide outfitting licences. To find out more about HCTF’s granting program, visit www.hctf.ca.