Awarded to Valhalla Wilderness Society towards improve knowledge relating to the ecology and populations of the Western Toad and to reduce mortality along Highway 31A.

PROPONENT: Valhalla Wilderness Society

DESCRIPTION: The western toad (Anaxyrus boreas) has been extirpated from large areas of its historic range in North America. Federally it is a species of ‘Special Concern’ (COSEWIC, SARA Schedule 1), and provincially it is ‘Yellow-listed’ by the BC Conservation Data Center. BC is fast-becoming the ‘Global Keeper of Western Toads’ due to severe population declines occurring in other regions. Locally, toads have become an iconic species in the West Kootenays. The annual cycle of adult and toadlet migrations is a significant phenomenon that captures the public’s attention in our region. Toad migrations continue to inspire Toad Ambassadors at Fish/Bear Lakes to assist researchers and educate the public about toad ecology and conservation. This project is also important to local communities because people are now much more aware that the spectacular, annual migrations of western toads in our region are unparalleled by any other native species in the province.

OBJECTIVE: The goal of this project is to enhance the long-term survivability of both adult Western toads and toadlets within the Fish & Bear Lakes wildlife corridor along Highway 31A in the face of increased traffic on the highway, adjacent logging on private and Crown land, and the threat of climate change.

PHOTOS: Top row by Marcy Mahr/Bottom row by Wayne McCrory

Article: Preparing for Large Toadlet Migration

Video overview (short version) of this project – 4.24 minutes

Video overview (full length) of this project – 8.15 minutes