What is the role of KCP?

KCP provides a coordination and collaboration role for private land securement in the Kootenay region. The KCP Securement Committee includes members from the large land trusts (NCC and NTBC) as well as other key organizations who are actively involved in landscapeā€level land acquisition for conservation (e.g. provincial government, Canadian Wildlife Service, Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program). Securement Committee member organizations operate throughout the entire KCP Service Area to provide holistic, regional overview. KCP evaluates properties based on biological and administrative criteria to set priorities for land acquisition in the Kootenays. Priorities are based on

  • Presence of habitat and species at risk
  • Property size and linkage to other conservation corridors
  • Urgency of conservation threats
  • Management and maintenance responsibilities
  • Available funding

KCP is not a land trust and does not hold or acquire properties or covenants. Rather, KCP serves as a forum for discussion, prioritization, coordination, and supporting subsequent stewardship.