Todd Hebert is back at Blue Lake as Executive Director. Hebert was Executive Director from 1987 until 2003 during which he saw the organization through the transition from BC Forestry Association Camp to new non-profit society.

Blue Lake Forest Education Society is now a registered charity that provides educational programming on responsible stewardship of our ecosystems, outdoor recreation knowledge and skill development and youth leadership. The Society operates the Blue Lake Centre, an education centre developed in 1977, to facilitate the delivery of a variety of experiential education programs to youth in the Columbia Basin.

Originally programming focused on tree and wildlife identification, survival skills, orienteering, canoeing and forest fire control. Programming evolved over the years expanding tree and forest ecology and sustainability into 6 new areas; trees, wildlife, soils, water, ecosystems and leadership. Programs were developed to include experiential lessons on the basic components of each focus area, human impacts on each and management methods.

Recent upgrades have positioned Blue Lake to continue to evolve its educational focus. Blue Lake will become the experiential learning and citizen science hub for the Columbia Basin. To accomplish this vision, the Society will network and partner with development, land use and ecosystem specialists throughout the region to incorporate students and adults into their research and projects. The Society will develop and implement a citizen science mentorship, training and networking program to connect schools and youth to research and projects. It will train teachers, the public and youth on scientific protocols and methodologies, data collection and background information on a wide variety of projects.

Programs will connect youth and the public to their local communities, providing an understanding of the relevance of the projects or research to their personal lives. It will develop an understanding of the importance of science and research in their lives, increase their knowledge of the environment in which they live and play, and spark an interest in science, technology, engineering and math.

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