Rob grew up in the grasslands of Kamloops on the South Thompson River. As a youth Rob first became interested in becoming a wildlife biologist when a wounded swan, that was accidentally shot, was brought back across the river to his home by neighboring wildlife biologist Pat Martin.

Pat took the time to explain how the bird could be brought back to a healthy condition before it was released back to the wild. Rob was hooked and eventually graduated from Washington State University with a degree in wildlife ecology. Since graduation Rob has worked in the forestry, fisheries and wildlife habitat disciplines throughout BC.  In 1972 Rob moved to the Kootenays to work in the habitat protection section of the Ministry of Environment’s Fish and Wildlife Branch. Since 2003, Rob has worked as the Kootenay Conservation Land Manager for The Nature Trust of BC.

The Nature Trust of BC (TNTBC) is a provincial land conservation organization that acquires ecologically significant land through purchase, donation, covenant and lease. They manage the properties they acquire to protect the natural diversity of wildlife and plants and their critical habitats. The Nature Trust of BC is a key partner in the Kootenay Conservation Program’s efforts to secure properties for conservation. Rob will be retiring from TNTBC this summer and we wish him all the best in his future endeavors.