Jim Duncan has worked as a research technician at UBC, as a Junior High School librarian and as a Media Librarian/Curriculum Development Coordinator at College of the Rockies.

His area of responsibility includes curriculum-development, grant management, project coordination, and communication services for Mainstreams.  Jim has a MA degree and a Certificate in Technology-Based Distributed Learning.

One of Jim’s latest projects is designing a Water Science Certificate program for senior high school with partner Laura.  The program involves pre and post-class activities and up to seven hours of fieldwork.  Mainstreams has piloted the program within nine different classes with great success.

Jim has also been instrumental in revitalizing the Columbia Basin Watershed Network (CBWN).

As a strong member of the KCP network, we applaud Jim for his outstanding contributions that will move towards KCP’s vision of having landscapes in the Kootenays that sustain naturally functioning ecosystems that can in turn support economic and social well-being.

To learn more about Mainstreams click here:  http://www.mainstreams.ca

To learn more about the Columbia Basin Watershed Network click here:  http://cbwn.ca