Grant Trower is the former Coordinator of Friends of the Lardeau River and is a long term board member the Fish & Wildlife Compensation Program – Columbia Basin. He has given his time freely for fish, wildlife and habitat everywhere in the Canadian Columbia Basin.

Grant is a conservation leader, always sensitive to place. ‘Fish and wildlife habitat’ is┬áprobably his most often used phrase. He worked tirelessly to gain Protected Areas Status within the Lardeau area and is very insightful into┬áthe status of the environment and environmental concerns in the Lardeau, Lower Duncan and Upper Kootenay Lake.


He has received recognition by The Land Conservancy for his efforts around land protection and has never compromised species or place when he recognized land/water use activities that would negatively impact these.

This year he was recognized by the KCP by being presented with our Conservation Leadership Award. You can read more about this by clicking here.