Hillary Page, Conservation Operations Coordinator, Canadian Rocky Mountains, Nature Conservancy Canada

Hillary Page started working for the Nature Conservancy Canada seven years ago and is generally responsible for the delivery of stewardship on NCC’s thirteen Canadian Rockies properties. This includes invasive species management, restoration of open forests and grasslands and property management planning. She enjoys working with partners to develop conservation plans for NCC’s Canadian Rockies Natural Areas (South Selkirks, Kootenay Rockies and the Elk Valley) and developing biological rationale for new conservation projects.

Part of Hillary’s work includes the Mount Broadwood project. At 8,900 hectares it is the largest conservation land donation in Canadian history. Mount Broadwood was donated to the NCC in 1994. Although the site has undergone some industrial development for resource extraction over the past fifty years, it supports phenomenal conservation values. Mount Broadwood is critically important for the maintenance of wildlife connectivity for wide-ranging carnivores, particularly Grizzly Bear, Wolf, Wolverine and Lynx. The property has resident populations of Bighorn Sheep, Mule Deer, Moose, Elk, Grizzly Bear, Cougar, Wolverine, and Badger. The Wigwam River supports some of the largest Cutthroat Trout in southeastern BC and is the single most important Bull Trout spawning system in the Kootenay Region.

The property is a destination for tourists and Kootenay residents. It is used for fishing, hunting, hiking, caving, biking and more. It is a testament to the importance of diverse partners working together to protect values on the landscape. NCC is currently entering a new phase of property management planning for this property. Hillary finds it an honor to steward this important piece of land and to be a partner in the Mount Broadwood conservation legacy.

Hillary was also the recipient of one of the KCP’s annual Conservation Leadership Awards. Click here for the full story and photos.