Crystal’s background in natural resource management and environmental stewardship has enabled her to work across the Southern Interior on a variety of exciting projects and studies on invasive species, species at risk, national park reserve feasibility, sustainable outdoor recreation and mineland reclamation.

In 2010, Crystal joined the Central Kootenay Invasive Plant Committee (CKIPC) team as the Executive Director where she works with private landowners, industry partners, stewardship groups, all levels of government, and many others to prevent and manage the spread of invasive species. “Invasive species know no boundaries. By working together we can minimize the impacts of these species on the ecosystems, recreational values, communities and economy of this incredible region”.

Established as a non-profit society in 2005 by a group of residents and company/agency representatives, CKIPC aims to promote collaborative approaches to invasive plant prevention and management. CKIPC is supported its membership and partners, and guided by a dedicated Board of Directors. Since its establishment, CKIPC has expanded its programs to include education and outreach, on-the-ground operations and aquatic invasive species.

In 2014, thanks to funding received from the Columbia Basin Trust, Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program, Province of BC, and Columbia Power Corporation, CKIPC was able to coordinate and deliver an extensive aquatic invasive species monitoring program across the West/Central Kootenay region. CKIPC aims to expand and enhance this monitoring program in 2015.

Most recently, CKIPC has joined forces with the Columbia Basin Trust, East Kootenay Invasive Plant Council, Columbia Shuswap Invasive Plant Society, and Northwest Invasive Plant Council to reduce the spread and prevent the introduction of invasive species that pose significant risks in our region. “This partnership will allow us to expand our focus on particularly harmful species like zebra and quagga mussels. Though they’re not in the Basin yet, they could hitch a ride on boats coming from other regions and wreak havoc on our aquatic ecosystems.”

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In addition to her work with CKIPC, Crystal was also elected onto the Kootenay Conservation Program’s Executive Committee for 2014-2015. Click here for more information.