Claire de la Salle

Claire de la Salle has been KCP’s Stewardship Coordinator since 2013. She has now stepped down from this position to pursue other passions. However, over the past 18 months, Claire has offered great energy, dedication and passion towards enhancing stewardship efforts across the Kootenays. Here are a few highlights of her many notable accomplishments:

KCP Stewardship Framework: Claire coordinated the development of this Framework which is a collection of joint stewardship objectives from across multiple KCP partners that provide a collective, unified vision of stewardship priorities in the KCP Service Area. The Stewardship Framework provides a platform for both the East and West Kootenay Stewardship Committees to strategically work together, build capacity for stewardship, and create opportunities for deeper, more meaningful collaboration.

KCP Stewardship Tracking Survey and Report: In the spring of 2014, Claire worked with eleven KCP partners in their submission of stewardship surveys on twenty-nine different projects as part of an effort to track stewardship activities by partners across the region. This is a pilot initiative that will provide partners and funders with an initial annual roll-up of stewardship activities on private land and water.

KCP Stewardship Map: As part of the stewardship tracking report, Claire coordinated the development of a map to show where stewardship projects are occurring on private land across the Kootenays. By visually displaying where stewardship projects are taking place, Claire sought to identify if and where there may be gaps in stewardship services across the region.

KCP Relationship Mapping: Claire worked to collect conservation social network information from our partners to create a relationship map. Visually displaying the social network through a relationship map can help us understand what the collaboration network looks like. The map will also identify ways to enhance the effectiveness of collaborative efforts between organizations responsible for regional conservation planning and those responsible for local conservation actions.

KCP On the Road PC030045 copy 2Tour: Last spring, Claire coordinated an ‘On the Road’ cross-Kootenay tour where 35 participants journeyed from grasslands in the East Kootenays to wetlands in the West Kootenays. Throughout the tour, Claire showcased local experts who shared their regional experiences and knowledge around land securement, ecosystem restoration, offsite offsets, and capacity building.

Claire also undertook a number of Property Evaluations and conducted Partner Outreach, connecting with those involved with stewardship and developing the conservation network across the Kootenays.

On behalf of all of KCP’s partners we thank Claire for her passion, dedication and energy, and wish her the best in her future pursuits.