Ecosystem Restoration Project Plan Development

2022 Webinar #1

Original Air Date:
Wednesday, February 2, 2022

This workshop explores how to turn an idea into a well-developed project plan by reviewing fundamental components needed to develop a successful project.

AIR DATE: Wednesday, February 2
PRESENTATION: Fundamentals of a Restoration Project: Planning to succeed 
PRESENTER: Adrian Leslie, Biologist/Project Manager, Nature Conservancy of Canada
DESCRIPTION: Good project plan development at the outset of any project will lay the foundation of a successful restoration project and help attract the funding required to achieve your objectives. Using whitebark pine restoration as a case study, this workshop will explore how to turn an idea into a well-developed plan. We will learn that good projects have clear goals and objectives that are linked directly to actions and results that can be measured and monitored using the best available science, leveraging partnerships and successful fundraising. 

Adrian Leslie is a Biologist and Project Manager for the Nature Conservancy of Canada with 20 years experience working across the Columbia Basin. Adrian specializes in ecosystem restoration with a focus on whitebark pine ecosystems, fire ecology, forest health and climate change impacts. He has experience planning, implementing and completing restoration projects ranging from valley bottom wetlands to high elevation forests and is keen to share some of the lessons learned in restoration project planning.