The highlights completed in the Creston Valley for Year 1 (2019-2020) and Year 2 (2020-21) are listed below.

Year 1 Highlights

Year 2 Highlights

An overview of the Northern Leopard Frog Habitat Enhancement project work that took place in the Creston Wildlife Management Area in 2020-2021.

CVWMA objectives are to create a Master Plan that can be implemented in phases; a plan that increases multi-species habitat connectivity through a matrix of vegetative corridors, open grassland habitat, and riparian or riparian edge habitat. This may include but not be limited to, modification of slopes, modification of flow and sinuosity of drainage ditches, potential relocation of existing dikes, controlled riparian or water access for cattle and improved shade access for cattle outside of riparian areas. Beargrass Landscape Architecture was hired to provide documentation, design work, and aid in coordination of ideas and species requirements between CVWMA, Biologists, Hydrologists, Ecologists, Engineers, and other stakeholders.