Local Conservation Funds

A Conservation Fund is a local government service that is funded through a dedicated tax or fee and used to support environmental conservation and community sustainability projects.

The regional district or municipality that holds the conservation fund decides which projects to support according to criteria in the fund’s terms of reference. Conservation funds support projects that reflect local priories, such as: Protecting clean water sources. Conserving natural areas for people to enjoy. Restoring fish and wildlife habitat. Strengthening community vitality by taking care of ecosystems and the benefits they provide.

Learn more: Local Conservation Funds in British Columbia: A Guide for Local Governments and Community Organizations

KCP co-administers two conservation funds:

(Click on the above links for information on applying to these funds.) 

The Columbia Valley Local Conservation Fund was the first of its kind established in Canada. See below for a short film about the CVLCF, which was a 2013 Public Sector Finalist in the Real Estate Foundation of BC Land Awards.